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Littleton Pet Center
1985 St. Johnsbury Road
Littleton, NH 03561
603-444-6285 or 866-399-1985

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Here at Littleton Pet Center, we feel strongly that every dog staying with us should have Jumpinga minimal level of activity and interaction. The more interaction or activity dogs receive, the happier and healthier they are — especially while they’re away from home.  Some of the many fun activities we offer include:

  •   Trail Walks – We have 33 beautiful wooded acres.
  •   One-on-One Play Sessions
  •   Group Play Sessions – Group play sessions are for dog-friendly dogs in our secure play yards. Your dog can romp and play in the fresh air with other dogs matched by temperament and play-style. The groups are supervised by staff trained in group dynamics, are kept small for maximum safety.
  •   Business Walks – Each dog staying with us will have access to an elimination area three times per day. However you’re welcome to add extra elimination breaks if you feel that’s appropriate for your dog.
  •   Stretching/Mobility Breaks – Geared toward our geriatric pets. It’s so important to keep every flexible and mobile, even in the later years.
  •   Homemade Treats – These healthy treats actually look like people bakery items! We get the most satisfaction from making homemade dog treats that LOOK good enough for people to eat! The best thing about our homemade dog treat recipes is that they have been created with your dog’s health in mind. They are taste tested and have Calvin’s paw of approval on each treat.
  •   Tuck-In/Story Time – Indulge your precious dog with a bedtime tuck-in session as well as a bedtime story which will prepare your dog for a night of peaceful sleep. This is the perfect ending to a busy day.

We will treat your pet the way we would want you to treat ours!